How to Spend Less on Camp - 8 Great Tips

8 Ways to Save Money on Camp

Camp can be expensive, and for some it seems to be a luxury too big to justify. But if you know the ropes, the price can be lower than you think. Especially if you are willing to take a few extra steps and use a touch of creativity...

Find out how an average family can pay under $100 per week. We’ll show how in some cases, it’s possible to spend only $47 a week for the summer. And it goes even lower!

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A word of caution before we continue: The examples below are not for everyone. Some things will apply to you and some won’t. But if you are on a tight budget, you are in great company, and you will hopefully find one or two (or more) things to help save you some dollars!

1) The earlier the better

This one happens to be very simple. The starting price of camp is over $100 less if you register, and start at least a payment plan, before the end of April. Not only does it cost less to begin with, your monthly payments (if you use a payment plan) may be lower because you will have more time to pay it out.

2) Cheaper by the dozen

You might have noticed some new numbers for this summer’s tuition. If you register for a full summer, you save over (another) $100. Even if you register for just one half, rather than registering by the week, you still save about $30!

3) Federation

This is a big one... if you live in Philadelphia or any of its instate suburbs, apply for a day camp scholarship from the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. This is a great resource. It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, and can pay anywhere from 10% to 30% of your bill for Camp Achdus! Make sure to apply by Friday, March 31, or you will miss it!

4) Camp Scholarship

This year, Camp Scholarship is available in 3 tiers: Opportunity, Premium, and Urgent. Each level has a set amount for a full summer, and half that amount for a half. There are no camp scholarships for individual weeks. There are also a predefined number of grants available, which will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. The scholarship applications are processed starting from the scholarship deadline on May 13 (Lag BaOmer).

Example: The Cohens pay $985 for an entire summer

Mr. and Mrs. Cohen, a middle-income family with many expenses, sign up for a full summer ($1795). They registered by April 30, so it became $1695. They had applied for a Federation scholarship which took off $360 and received a Full Premium camp scholarship of $350. Their bill is now $985 for 8 weeks. ($760 if you minus the deposit.)
If they would instead register for only the First Half ($910), also before April 30 (becomes $860), their Federation scholarship might be $180. They would be able to get a Half Premium camp scholarship of $175, leaving a bill of $505 ($280 after the deposit).

5) Great agencies to know

JFCS, FHBS, and Madeline Moore are three great resources for those who qualify. You may contact us for more information.

6) Share camp with friends

If you are an existing Achdus family, you will receive a $100 credit for every new family who registers because of you! See the email about Achdus Referrals for more info, and to find your Referrals Code. Give it out to your friends and let them enjoy the experience of the best in Torah Camping, while you enjoy a nice discount!

7) Make some meals

The staff members who come to Achdus from out of Philadelphia need to eat, and Camp offers special scholarships to parents who help make meals, usually on a weekly basis. Contact camp for more info.

8) Break it up

With a variety of payment plan options, we can easily break up your bill. The earlier you start, the lower we can make your payments.
The Cohens pay $70/month:
Going back to the Cohens, say they told two friends what an amazing summer their kids had last year, and both friends sign up for camp as well with the Cohen's referral code. Their balance is now $560 for 8 weeks. With a 6-month payment plan, they will pay just $70 a month for a full summer!

Try our online Savings Calculator

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